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The Girls Building Empires Branding Masterclass is exactly what you need to skyrocket your business and make it really stand out from your competitors.

In this action-focused, get-it-done brand strategy course, you’ll learn how to build a successful brand from scratch, turn your audience into fiercely loyal customers, and FINALLY start showing up as the girl boss you were always meant to be. (Whether you’ve already started a business or you’re just about to!)
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8 jam-packed weeks of replayable video courses to teach you what branding really is – and how you can use it to target your perfect audience, overshadow your competition, and totally crush your sales goals.
Weekly success kits, workbooks, and checklists to help you craft a meaningful, memorable brand from the ground up
Access to a private, invite-only community where you can receive 24/7 business advice & meet fellow girl bosses
Take the leap and join over 10,000 other ambitious women in our #empirebuilding movement!

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Your Path to Becoming a Branding Expert


Learn What Makes a Strong Brand & How to Get Started

We’ll cover the most important aspects of branding, learning about how branding started and everything that goes into creating a compelling brand. Then, we’ll go into detail how to start building your own brand from scratch and the top things you need to consider.


Get Inspiration From Other Brands And Leapfrog The Competition

You will learn exactly how the entire branding process works by analyzing the most powerful brands out there, the techniques they used, and how to apply those to your own business. You’ll develop your mission statement, values, brand promises, and brand book.


Think, Act, and Evolve as a brand So That You Stay Ahead

Learn how to build your brand’s unique voice and identity, how to identify and find you perfect audience, and how to evolve your brand, making it more powerful than ever. (Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars hiring a brand director to do this instead – but that wouldn’t give you the knowledge you need to adapt and evolve your brand going forward.)

Meet Your Mentor

"Hi, I Am Ginte And I Inspire Over 1.7 Million Girl Bosses Every Single Day."

I’ve created the Branding Masterclass to help you build a brand that your followers and customers absolutely love.

I started Girls Building Empires while I was still in university, with $0 in my bank account. Through trial, error, resilience, and patience, I’ve learned so much.

If I had known the things back then that I know now, I would have grown at least twice as fast and avoided so many costly mistakes.

I built this course because I have learned the hard way just how important having a compelling brand is. It took me years to find success, and it just happened to be the moment I finally took branding seriously. Now, you will do the same in just 8 weeks.

Meet Your Mentor

Here’s What Other Girl Bosses Like You Love About Our Courses:

Thanks to these classes, my project has grown so quickly!

This course has been incredibly good for my business! In these classes, you have everything you need to start from the first point. You can choose the business you love, create the whole concept of your brand, and create your own website. In this course, you will learn a lot about social networks, how to connect with your audience, and ultimately how to achieve a successful business! My business is about jewellery in ceramics – since I started classes, I’ve made so much progress! The classes have given me the motivation I needed and have helped me follow the right steps to achieve my goals. I am currently working on my website, but thanks to these classes, my project has grown so quickly!

Eugenia Bermudez Bentancourt,
EBM Originals student
The breakdown of the course is simple and filled with motivation.

So far, this course has been extremely helpful to my business. Before enrolling, I was stuck on my organization, structure, and basically on “Where do I start?” This course has been a blessing in disguise. My thoughts are clearer and I plan accordingly. I’ve become organized within two weeks of enrolling! The breakdown of the course is simple and filled with motivation. All of the doubts I’ve ever had went away once I got into the groove of things :) Krista is always open and available to chat whenever I go astray or need that extra push.

Carnecia Avant,
EBM Originals Student
I am loving it! The course, worksheets, and emails from Ginte are so helpful!

I am loving it! The course, worksheets, and emails from Ginte are so helpful! I couldn’t sleep last night and took the time to do the competitor research worksheet. And guess what? I now have the confidence to finally make my own journal. I found their weakness by reading customer reviews. I found out how to make mine stronger. I’m excited for 2020 now. Thank you!

Crystal Dunn,
Empire Building Masterclass Student
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Join the Excellent Company of High-Achieving Women

We’ve collaborated with insanely successful female entrepreneurs in order to provide you an incredibly helpful course that are packed with value. We partner with leading companies to equip our community with the best tools and industry-leading insights. We have a massive reach that is still expanding daily.

The Branding Masterclass Curriculum

Absolutely Necessary Foundations

Weeks 1 - 3


Branding 101

This week, you will learn everything that you need to know about branding before you start building your own brand. You will understand how every successful brand has a powerful purpose behind it and learn how to create your own.


The Anatomy of a Brand

This week, we will be unpacking the anatomy of a brand and offering inspiring examples of powerful existing brands. After this week, you will be able to clearly define your vision and mission and understand why values-based businesses outperform all the rest.


Brand Identity

You will learn concrete steps of how to use visuals and messaging to convey your brand to the public and be instantly recognizable, memorable and beloved by your target audience.

Taking off

Weeks 4 - 6


Brand Interactions

A brand is only as strong as the meaningful ways in which you bring it to life. You will learn and understand the tricks and tools you can use to build your brand awareness.



During the sensing phase, it’s time to do your homework. You’ll explore the world in which your brand will be rooted. After this week, you will be able to differentiate your brand from the competition and convince your customers to purchase from you over them. The more you know, the stronger the foundation for success!


Brand Thinking

In this phase, you will be creating a blueprint for your brand and learning why you need to understand who you’re selling to in order to create your brand. You will be defining your core, brainstorming your identity, mapping out your audiences, and creating a plan of action. You will learn the exact steps on how to create a brand identity that your target audience can understand and relate to.


Weeks 7 - 8


Brand Making

In this phase, you will create the tangible assets that make up your brand. You will learn how to find and use the correct brand voice and face so you have the strongest chance of connecting with your potential consumers.


Brand Building

A brand is never finished. Brand building is the ongoing process of activating your brand through meaningful interactions. You will learn how to stay on top of your game and always keep evolving.

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Learn brainstorming techniques so you and your brand never stop evolving and adapting
Make valuable connections with powerful women starting their own businesses
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8 jam-packed weeks of expert branding training to teach you how to position your brand effectively to stand out to your target audience.


Weekly success kits, workbooks, and checklists that will help you build the brand of your dreams.


A step-by-step guide on how to differentiate your business in authentic, meaningful, and relevant ways.


Exclusive access to a private, invite-only community where you can receive 24/7 business advice & meet fellow girl bosses


In-depth, replayable video lessons that explain every step of the process of creating a meaningful brand


Planners and worksheets to help you always stay on brand, even once the course is over


FREE VIP access to all Girls Building Empires meet-ups in major cities


24/7 access to our invite-only masterclass lounge, where you’ll find even MORE materials to supercharge your success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course online? Does my physical location or where I am from matter?

The course is 100% online. ALL content, lessons, and communications are accessible from anywhere. We’re constantly perfecting our technology so you can have a great experience, no matter where in the world you’re taking the Branding Masterclass.

I’m working a full-time job. Can I still benefit from taking this course?

YES, YES, YES!!! Some Masterclass members run their own businesses, some study at University, others currently work full-time. Our lessons and all other content is accessible 24/7 and never expires, so you can feel free to complete the entire course on your own time.

Will the price change over time?

The first 100 women to sign up for the Branding Masterclass will be able to join for just $99 USD. For all other participants, the price is $199.

Can I contact you if I have more questions?

Absolutely! Just send an email to support and we’ll get back to you right away.

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