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No matter if you have 1 or 1 million followers, Insta Empire Masterclass will show you how to:
1) Increase engagement on your profile
2) Attract target followers
3) Turn them into paying customers!
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With This Course You’ll Get

Workbooks & checklists that will guide you through every step you need to take to explode your IG account with a targeted audience.
Lifetime access to the lessons and their updates that contains proven and tested methods on how to skyrocket your account’s engagement & followers who stay
Access to a private community of other Instagram power players
So take the leap and join over 10,000 other women in our #empirebuilding movement!

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About This Course


Step-by-step video tutorials, workbooks, checklists, templates for Achieving Organic & Consistent IG Growth.

Instead of experimenting yourself, get the proven strategies from experts that did what you are trying to do before. This content is not just a money saver - it is a money maker, knowledge builder, and your secret weapon in IG domination.


We will show you How to monetize your IG growth and sell out your products to your audience.

The truth is, a massive audience does very little besides petting your ego unless you can monetize it. We will show you how that is done, and how you can sell out whatever you are selling - be it a digital product or a physical one.

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"I Am Ginte And I Inspire Over 1.9 Million Girl Bosses Every Single Day."

Instagram Empire Masterclass is my course on growing your Instagram account on successfully monetizing it.

I started Girls Building Empires while still in university and with zero in my bank account. Through trial and error, resilience and patience, I have learned so much...

If only I knew things that I know back then... I would have grown at least twice as fast and avoided so many costly mistakes.

That's why I build this online course - so you can have the Instagram success in the shortest time and with the tiniest spending.

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Women Like You Love The Insta Empire Masterclass

Results are starting to show as we speak

I joined the Instagram Masterclass to boost my social media skills and learn new tips and tricks for both my personal and my professional profiles. The course has been extremely helpful, easy to follow and results are starting to show as we speak. From time to time, I attend online courses for my professional development and may I tell you how the Empire Building series is in my top five list of value-for-money decisions! It is great that we get to meet so many other wonderful, creative individuals as well.

Despoina Limniotaki,
Insta Empire Masterclass Student
I highly recommend this to any serious entrepreneur looking to grow their business using IG the right way

I joined Instagram Empire Masterclass which is all about building your brand on Instagram. I love the content of the course because it not only focuses on tactics and strategies, but the mindset needed to be successful on IG. The added bonus is the inspirational and supportive FB community that’s included with the course. I highly recommend this to any serious entrepreneur looking to grow their business using IG the right way.

Germaine Foley,
Insta Empire Masterclass Student
Tools and guidance I needed when it came to parts of my branding I had missed or overlooked.

Can I just say how thankful I am for this AMAZING COURSE! I joined the complete course and the best part for me was actually the community and the people I have connected with. I already feel I have met some strong, self-motivated people who are looking to help empower each other. Not only are there people who are just starting, in the middle of a start-up and also people who are already killing the game in their hustle. I feel completely welcome by everyone in every stage - and this is what it is all about it. This course also provided me the tools and guidance I needed when it came to parts of my branding I had missed or overlooked. They helped me take a step back and see it from my consumers’ eyes - exactly what I needed!!

Chelsey Gilfillan,
Insta Empire Masterclass Student

Our IG game In Numbers. You can do it too!

10,000 +
Students (and counting!)
Experts & businesswomen partnering with us
1,900,000 +
Instagram followers (and growing!)

Join the Excellent Company of High-Achieving Women

We’ve collaborated with insanely successful female entrepreneurs in order to provide you an incredibly helpful course that are packed with value. We partner with leading companies to equip our community with the best tools and industry-leading insights. We have a massive reach that is still expanding daily.

Insta Empire Masterclass Curriculum

Absolutely Necessary Foundations

Weeks 1 - 3


Claiming and embracing your niche and purpose

If you don’t have a niche you won’t be able to grow and monetize your audience effectively. So that's why choosing a niche is the first step you need to take in your IG success journey.


IG Growth Mindset

Growing on IG requires to put yourself out there constantly. Many fail just because they can't keep up! We will show you how we manage ourselves to be amongst the winners.


Your ideal follower and your value proposition

We will show you how to identify your ideal follower, how to reach them and turn them into customers.

Taking off

Weeks 4 - 8


Creating your perfect profile

We will guide you through every step that needs to be taken to create your perfect profile that turns strangers into followers.


Your brand design and voice

You will learn all the magic tricks required to create that eye-catching and inspiring feed.


Grow your audience & build trust with meaningful content

You will learn how to create content that engages and inspire your followers.


Weeks 9 - 10


Writing engaging, on-brand captions

Understand and know everything there is to writing engaging and meaningful captions through the most recent & effective marketing tactics.


Build your feed and your following with consistency

You will learn everything there is to know to help you stay consistent. Consistency is the key to your IG success.

Mastering Growth & Monetization

Weeks 11 - 12


Viral posts

Still don't think that you can create that viral post? Think twice, because we are here to help you to create one!


Making the most of Instagram Stories

All Pro tips that will help you to increase your reach and engagement through IG stories.


Organic growth mastery

We will show you all the tactics we have used to grow Girls Building Empires organically to 1.8 Million followers.


Audience monetization game plan

You will learn how to outperform your competitors and turn your followers into loyal customers.

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More Feedback About The Insta Empire Masterclass From Real Women Who Are Just Like you-
Ambitious, Intelligent and driven

I’ve finally found a course that can fit with my busy lifestyle and help me grow my yoga business!

I have just started the Empire Masterclass course and so far I’m learning so much more than expected! As a full time corporate employee and yoga teacher, I’ve finally found a course that can fit with my busy lifestyle and help me grow my yoga business! Can’t wait to see what more the course has to offer.

Alice Riddington,
Insta Empire Masterclass Student
Taking my account to a more professional level.

EBM is teaching lessons that would otherwise have to be learned the hard way. The practical tips and tricks are already taking my account to a more professional level.

Shaila Juglal,
Insta Empire Masterclass Student
I would recommend this course to women who need ways to monetize their pages and feel more confident with the content that they post.

Before starting EBM I was not aware of the many apps to help me build my IG page. This course taught me to find ways to increase my followers and how to better engage with the following I have. Now I feel more confident about handling my page and to just be myself when posting content. I would recommend this course to women who need ways to monetize their pages and feel more confident with the content that they post.

Samantha Alethea Inniss,
Insta Empire Masterclass Student

Imagine! You Join This Online Course And:

You know exactly how to attract targeted followers and turn them into fans of your brand
You are seen as an expert in your field
You are a part of a exclusive community of IG power players
You have a beautiful, relevant and sexy brand that inspires your audience to make a purchase
You have more confidence in yourself to put yourself out there
You understand how to monetize your audience and sell out your products
You have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world
You have life full of freedom & adventures while your IG & business are still growing
You are waking up to hundreds of new followers and payment notifications

The doors to this online course are open for 24 hours only!

Join now and get:


12 week Instagram training. Available online 24/7


Step by step guides that show you how to increase engagement on your account


Step by step guides on how to monetize your audience


24/7 access to our private community of other IG power players


Mindset trainings that will help you to increase your confidence to put yourself out there


Planners that will help you to stay consistent and track your progress


FREE VIP access to our meet-ups in the major cities


24/7 Access to our invite only masterclass lounge, where you will find all the materials you need for your success

The Doors To This Class Close In:


Join Over 10,000 Women Already Building Their Online Empires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course online - does my physical location or where I am from matter?

The course is 100% online and ALL content, lessons and communications are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in… the world. We are constantly perfecting our technology so that you receive unprecedented experience.

I am working a full time job. Can I still take this course and benefit?

YES YES YES!!! Majority of Empire Building Masterclass members are millennial women in their twenties/thirties… They are working full time, run their own businesses and in some cases are studying at University. Our lessons and all the other content is accessible 24/7 and does not expire. So you can do it all at your own time.

Does the monthly price change over the time?

If you join with a subscription plan, your price will be locked and will not increase.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

Simple! Just send an email to support and we will be with you shortly.

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