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Weekly Success Kits That Show You How To Launch Your Business In 3 Months
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Access To A Private, Invite-Only Community Of Other Girl Bosses
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About This Course


Empire Building Masterclass Is A Unique Online Course Designed For Your Success.

We teach effective and proven business and marketing strategies to aspiring girl bosses. The programme is designed for millennial girls who want to live and work from anywhere in the world while running their own business.


This Masterclass Will Teach You How To Launch And Optimise Your Own Successful Online Business.

We provide you with everything: lessons, checklists, guides and even a community of like-minded girls. All you need is your wifi and ambition. In just 3 months, you will go from "No Idea" to "CEO."

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"I Am Ginte And I Inspire Over 850,000 Girl Bosses Every Single Day."

Empire Building Masterclass is for girls who are ready to roll up their sleeves. Why? Because this training is the only thing you need to learn about online business... And then actually build it, so you can live the life of travels and freedom. I will teach you everything I wish I knew when I just started out.

I will save you hundreds of hours of time, thousands of dollars and an unquantifiable amount of effort.

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Other Girl Bosses Absolutely Love Our Courses

I absolutely loved it!

Wow, I absolutely loved the lesson today. SO excited for whats coming next!!! Feeling very inspired, focused and productive. I read it this morning with my coffee and the motivation and positivity really put me in the mood for the day! I’ve ended up doing TONS of work towards my new business and got a few new ideas. THANK YOU!!! This course exceeds my expectations.

Meg Johnson,
Empire Building Masterclass Student
I am going to print everything!

“Omg!!! I just completed my new lesson and I am genuinely so excited to read the next one! Someone left a comment about going to the store to buy some ink to print EVERYTHING. Lol, I am feeling the same!  Lesson 1 has definitely reminded me why I want an online business and why I want financial freedom. And these new lessons show me that is actually possible to attain. Thank you so much, I am totally loving it. <3”

Lauren Berke,
Empire Building Masterclass Student
Now I feel more confident and excited

“I can’t believe how helpful these lessons are. I loved the tips you send me today about branding and building my website… Now I feel more confident and excited regarding my way to new business! Thank you, girls! <3 I love to learn from everyone here and I am excited to be a part of this awesome community.”

Sarah Ellis,
Empire Building Masterclass Student
4,000 +
Students and counting
Experts and business women partnering with us
850,000 +
Instagram followers and growing

You Are In the Excellent Company Of High Achieving Women

Our courses are prepared in collaboration with insanely successful female entrepreneurs. We partner with leading companies to equip our community with the best business software. We have a massive reach that is still expanding daily.

Empire Building Masterclass Curriculum

Girl Boss Essentials

Weeks 1 - 3


Sales Funnels

Understand how you can easily turn strangers you never met into paying customers & loyal fans of your brand. Hint: sales funnels.


Girl Boss Mindset

Savvy, effective &  little-known mindset techniques to keep you inspired & motivated throughout the business journey.


Lean Startups

Business methodology taught at ivy league business schools  and that allows starting a business with minimum risk or spending.

Build It!

Weeks 4 - 8


Business Idea Discovery

Learn consumer psychology and how to use it to find tens of business ideas from the comfort of your home.



Find your ideal customer and learn how to build a brand that he or she falls in love with.


Website Creation

Learn how to create websites that outperform your competitors and turn visitors into loyal customers

Online Marketing Fundamentals

Weeks 9 - 10


Online Marketing Fundamentals

Understand and know everything there is to reaching millions of people online through the most recent & effective marketing tactics.


Make Your First Sale

Copy-paste checklists that allow you to make your first sale in your business a day or two after completing these lessons

Scaling And Automation

Weeks 11 - 12



Go from one sale per day to 10, 100 or even more. Learn how to increase the revenue of your new business and how to handle growth.



Learn how and where to hire really effective people who will take over your tasks. Now you have income and time to do things you love!

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Imagine! You Join Empire Building Masterclass And:

Understand the most important business concepts so well you can teach other aspiring girl bosses
Feel more confident, sexy and motivated regardless of the challenges you might be facing
Know exactly how to discover tens of profitable business ideas from the comfort of your home
Understand how to build wildly effective websites that convert traffic into customers like crazy
Know how to use powerful online marketing techniques to reach interested people
Have more confidence in yourself and your ability to be a successful girl boss who has freedom
Are a part of a community of other girl bosses that have your back, respect your ambition and help you on the way
Have a beautiful, relevant and sexy brand that inspires your audience to make a purchase
Know exactly what & why you are doing when it comes to business and making money online

Empire Building Masterclass Are Again Open For 24 Hours. Join Now And Get:


12 week business training, that takes you from "No Idea" to CEO. Available online 24/7


Social media training so that you know exactly how to grow your audience to thousands of followers


Step-by-step guides that teach you how to build beautiful websites with minimum spending


Access to invite only private forum of other girl bosses. This is the place where you can have your questions answered 24/7 and where you meet your girl boss BFF's


Business book recommendations and special member discounts to world-wide bestsellers


6 Success mindset lessons that teaches you how to be focused, motivated, centred, organised & efficient


FREE VIP access to our meet-ups in the major cities


24/7 Access to our invite only masterclass lounge, where you will find all the materials you need for your success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course online - does my physical location or where I am from matter?

The course is 100% online and ALL content, lessons and communications are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in… the world. We are constantly perfecting our technology so that you receive unprecedented experience.

I am working a full time job. Can I still take this course and benefit?

YES YES YES!!! Majority of Empire Building Masterclass members are millennial women in their twenties/thirties… They are working full time and in some cases studying at University. Our lessons and all the other content is accessible 24/7.

Does the monthly price change over the time?

If you join with a subscription plan, your price will be locked and will not increase.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

Simple! Just send an email to ginte@empirebuildingmasterclass.com and we will be with you shortly.

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